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Butter London Lippy- Review

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I got my packages in the post from CutECOsmetics yesterday (yay!), and can't wait to review everything. I decided I'd start with the Butter London Lippy, of which I only ordered one but already own two others. I'm a big fan of Butter London nail varnishes because they have such unique colours, many of which seem un-dupeable. The Lippy's are designed to match certain shades of the nail varnishes, although I don't own any corresponding sets. They are described as "liquid lipstick" on the UK site and "lip gloss" on the Canadian site, when in fact they fall somewhere in between. They have the opacity of some liquid lipsticks; however, they don't dry down to a "lipstick" consistency on the lips, but stay slippery and glossy.

I decided not only to review "Primrose Hill Picnic", which is the Lippy I got in my order, but also "Queen Vic" and "Come to Bed Red", which I already had in my collection. 

From Left to Right: Primrose Hill Picnic, Queen Vic, Come to Bed Red

Doe-foot applicator

From Bottom to Top: Primrose Hill Picnic, Queen Vic, Come to Bed Red

First, some notes that pertain to all of the Butter London Lippy's I've tried. As I suggested earlier, they fall somwhere between a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss, but I would be more comfortable grouping them with the latter. To me they are a medium to full coverage lip gloss that remains moist, moisturizing, and glossy throughout wear. They are a thick consistency and are slightly tacky, but not sticky or high-shine. All of the Lippy's I've tested over the years have the same sweet, confectionary smell, more along the lines of candy than vanilla. However, my Primrose Hill Picnic has a mildly unpleasant cosmetics smell, which is definitely not indicative of Lippy's as a group. I know that Primrose Hill Picnic was one of the first shades released, so I'm wondering whether the confectionary scent had yet to be added, or I just got a very old product (ugh, I hope not!)

Primrose Hill Picnic
First up, Primrose Hill Picnic. Butter London describes it as "a punchy, tropical, fuchsia bright pink." I would say this description is right on point. Primrose Hill Picnic is an opaque bright blue-pink that really adds a punch to your lips. Despite its funky smell, I love this colour. I am a fan of anything pink, and this glossy bright hue makes your lips look full and juicy. It's a perfect pink for a spring or summer day!

Queen Vic

Queen Vic is described as a "vibrant cranberry," which I would have to disagree with. I would describe it as a magenta or an orchid, a purpley-pink that pulls more purple on me. This shade is not as opaque as some of the others I have tried, and adds more of a subtle pop of colour than its Primrose Hill Picnic sister. I keep this one in my handbag as my goes-with-everything shade, as it usually works with whatever look I'm wearing and feels great on the lips. I also love wearing it over MAC Rebel lipstick, as I find they pair really well together. According to the Canadian website, Queen Vic is only available in the US and Canada. Sorry UK friends!

Come to Bed Red

Come to Bed Red is described as a "classic, bright red." It's a short and simple description, but it sums it up perfectly. Although it appears a more pink in the above photo (oh, to have a fancy camera and some proper lighting), it really is a true blue-red that is almost opaque (see above swatch for a more accurate idea). I love wearing this instead of red lipstick because it's low maintenance and still provides red-lip glamour. It also looks stunning layered over a red lipstick for that extra kick.

Butter London Lippy's retail for £14.00 in the UK, $18.00 in the USA, and $19.00 in Canada. I highly suggest them if you're looking for a full coverage lip gloss that stays put! Check out the various shades here:

Have you ever tried Butter London Lippy's? What colours catch your eye?

xo hannah

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  1. I bought my first Butter London polish today and I definitely agree with you about the colour range! The lip glosses look gorgeous on you :)

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