Friday, April 11, 2014

Barry M "Birthday" for Superdrug's 50th - Review

Hello all!

In honour of Superdrug's 50th birthday, several cosmetic lines have released special commemorative products in Superdrug's signature pink and white. I spotted Barry M's Birthday on the shelf a few days ago, and picked it up for £2.99.

Two Coats of Barry M Birthday

Barry M's Birthday is a special edition hot pink nail polish imbued with silver, pink, and purple hexagonal confetti. It is a sheer jelly formula (think jelly as in consistency, not "gelly" as in the Barry M Gelly line) that is chock-a-block full of fun, girly confetti...just like a birthday in a bottle!

Three Coats

You need at least two coats for the hot pink to near opacity, although I chose to do three to fill in the more transparent spots. The confetti particles are not glitter, and therefore apply a bit unevenly. You have to manipulate them with the brush to make sure that they don't all end up on the tip. The finish is not smooth, but rather bumpy due to the confetti chunks. Additionally, I found the coverage to be a bit patchy. It definitely doesn't give a consistent finish.

Three Coats

Birthday was quick drying and is certainly fun to look at...who doesn't love to indulge in Barbie-esque nails every once in a while? The formula of the polish isn't as high performing as the Barry M Gelly's (which are fantastic across the board), but for the low price and novelty factor, this is a fun colour for an accent nail or a full-on party look. 

Barry M Birthday is available exclusively at Superdrug.

Will you be picking up this limited edition colour?

xo hannah

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