Sunday, April 27, 2014

Charles Worthington Haircare: Two Shining Stars

Hello all!

Let me start this post by confessing that, save for a few special products, I'm not particularly loyal to any haircare brand. I like shopping around and trying new things! However, I think I might have found my new go-to high street salon brand in the form of Charles Worthington. I bought two of his products when they were on offer at Boots, and instantly fell in love! These two products were the Salon at Home Strength & Repair Longer & Stronger Hair Masque and the Salon at Home Moisture Seal Shampoo.

Empty and looking a bit worse for wear, but well-loved!

I chose these two products because I have quite long, dry hair that has been damaged with years of heat styling. I wanted products that would replenish my hair's moisture and breathe some new life into my sad dry ends.

Firstly, let me rave about the Moisture Seal Shampoo. It's very rare that I actually think one shampoo is much better than another, except for maybe personal fragrance preference. But this shampoo was beyond divine. Right away, I noticed that it smelled amazing, with a slightly citrus-y fragrance that wasn't artificial or overpowering, but just right. When I began to shampoo, I was immediately blown away by the lather. People, the lather on this baby is LUXURIOUS. I love shampoos that give a good lather because I feel like it allows me to really cleanse my hair without using tons of product...not to mention there is just something so enjoyable about those suds! It also left my hair feeling soft and considerably less dry and frizzy, perhaps due to the infusement of argan oil. I also loved the fact that it had a built in heat protectant, so I felt like my hair was protected when I used my blow dryer (although I still used a spray protectant when straightening). This shampoo really blew the other salon brands I've used in the past out of the water.

Onto the Salon at Home Strength & Repair Longer & Stronger Hair Masque. I like to use a hair masque about once a week all over my hair, and usually coat the ends in it every wash for an extra dose of conditioning where my hair needs it the most. I was attracted to this masque because of its promise to prevent hair breakage by 92%. Begone, split ends! This lightly scented masque wasn't overly thick or putty-like, but had the consistency of a heavier conditioner. Its detangling effect was noticeable: just a dollop onto particularly nasty tangles and I had no problem smoothing them out. My ends were sleeker and smoother with continuous use, and when I used it as a hair masque all over my hair I was left with soft, healthy feeling hair that was never left feeling greasy or heavy after I washed the masque out. A huge selling point on this masque was the packaging: instead of a screw top, the lid on the masque is attached for easy access. No more fiddling about with screwtops with wet hands!

The nifty pop top!

I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Charles Worthington hair products (perhaps when I get through the things I already own...I'm a bit of a haircare hoarder). I can't recommend these two products enough. The shampoo and masque both retail for £5.99 at Boots, although Charles Worthington is often on offer (usually 2 for £8) fact, I believe they are currently on offer, so run to your nearest Boots and scoop these up!

Have you tried any Charles Worthington products that shine as brightly as these two?

xo hannah

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