Thursday, May 1, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic

Hello lovelies!

I just had a serious MAC Moment.

As with any good beauty addict, I tend to stalk MAC news and am well aware of all the incoming collections (and their release dates). So imagine my surprise when I walked by Debenhams today and saw a window display for the Alluring Aquatic Collection. Obviously, I ran inside and promptly started fangirling over this collection and its packaging.

 Why has it already been released in the UK when it just showed up on Temptalia an hour ago, and is registered to hit North America mid-May? I don't know, but I'm not complaining. I picked up two products, which I've shown below.

MAC Alluring Aquatic

Left: Cremesheen Lipstick in "Mystical", Right: Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Sea Worship

After I recovered from the excitement induced by this sneak-attack MAC Collection, I started trying everything. This is a fairly substantial collection with six face products, six eyeshadows, five lipsticks and lipglasses, two eye liners, three nail varnishes, and two brushes. The colours range from beautiful sea shell nudes to deep violets. Beware all matte lovers: this is a shimmery collection. Think the sun hitting the ocean. Sparkle and iridescence galore. Even more impressive, especially considering this is a MAC collection, is that there are only a few repromotes. It's a goldmine for new products!

The packaging is a stunning metallic teal with textured raised bubbles. They hit the nail on this one! Even the names are gorgeous. Lorelei, Goddess of the Sea, Aphrodite's still my heart!

I love the buttery formula of the extra dimension eyeshadows, so I picked up Sea Worship. Sea Worship is a burnished golden olive, and the colour pay off and texture are superb. Most of the other shadows in this collection had a lot of glitter, but the glitter in this one is toned down, making it a lovely iridescent shade that catches the light. It retails for £16.50/C$22.50/US$19.50.

MAC Sea Worship

The lipstick range leaned towards nudes, but of the two brighter shades I picked up Mystical, which is a muted rose cremesheen. I think I have stumbled across my new "My Lips But Better" shade. I can see this looking flattering on quite a few skintones. The formula is typical cremesheen...its moisturizing without being slippery and sliding everywhere. So creamy and versatile...and though I hate to admit it,  just made better by the packaging! It retails for £16.50/C$21.00/US$17.50

MAC Mystical

UK readers, can we just take a moment to squeal in excitement about how this got here so fast!

Even though I really didn't need more products (I have the MAC x Proenza Schouler ombre blush and lipstick waiting for me back in Canada), this packaging was simply too beautiful to pass up, and I'm so happy the products delivered.

What will you be picking up from this collection? Anyone as excited as I am about MAC pulling off some decent packaging (without tacky decals) for once?

xo hannah

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